The Wordsmiths’ Tools – A dive in

Every commentator has his/her own charm yes, but also a certain set of words and exclamations you are used to hearing from them from the commentary box. Here’s a glance at commentators’ catchphrase dictionary.

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Where we stand, and what the next years hold

Cricket in the last decade has come to evolve from when T20s began spreading roots, circa 2003. Boosted with the first ICC World T20 and the inaugural IPL around 2007-08, few back then had imagined the enormity of the impact both tournaments assume today – impact that can be assessed with the fact that it once was seen as a serious threat to the popularity of the longest format of the game. Today, the format finds happy co-existence with the other two variants at levels both international – at least one T20 is assured in a tour comprising Tests and ODIs, and domestic – inter-city cricket leagues have spawned from the IPL in all Test playing nations.

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Field Reports, Personal

The First Pune Test – I Was There

I had been excited about this a few months back when I realized Pune would be hosting its first ever Test match, no less against Australia. Come the first day of the match, however, I could be seen doing nothing more than following the match proceedings on the telly. It wasn’t a bad day for India, just could’ve been better. We had restricted the Aussies to 256-9, a score that could’ve easily been 210 all out. Nevertheless, the opportunity to see India bat the next day eventually got too mouth-watering for me to resist. And before I knew, I had booked my pavilion seat, expecting to see a high-octane cross-continent drama unfold.

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Harsha on the front foot, off the field

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You’ve appreciated his style, his wordplay and his innocent dedication to the game within the commentary box, but don’t just dismiss his wise words outside of it. Here are some of Harsha Bhogle’s memorable off-the-field quotes. You can catch these quotes on Twitter @harshaquips. Savour!

  • Don’t let what you can’t do come in the way of what you can do.
  • I love going to the bar. If you don’t drink, it’s the best place to go to. You get great stories when you are sober and others are drunk.
  • Companies, individuals, organizations for whom the past is more glorious than the present will never succeed.
  • Excellence lives in the present. Sometimes we hold on to the past, or are too anxious about the future, and forget we must maximize now.
  • Suppose I’m sitting in a commentary box with Wasim Akram and Irfan Pathan is bowling, I will not talk about how reverse swing is achieved.

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You name it – cricketers with meaningful names

It’s the case of the never-ending cricketing quirks. This time, it is about how cricketing names, first or last, manage to sound as if taken right from the dictionary. So you have names that seem to borrow from those of cities, beverages, professions, physical objects, you name it (pun intended). And it’s about as creative as humans can get when it comes to naming themselves.

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Field Reports, Personal

My first cricket match from the stands

It was early April 2013. Those were the days when I was looking for my first full-time, non-work-from-home job. I remember receiving a call from one of my aunts who invited me to tag along with my cousins for an upcoming IPL match later that month at the then relatively new Subroto Roy Stadium, Gahunje. How could I refuse?

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Harsha Bhogle commentary gems – V

Here’s round five of memorable quotes by the man himself – Harsha Bhogle:

  • Sourav Ganguly: “To be honest, I really enjoy hearing you talk about the game. So much passion, so much in touch with the game. You’ve been around for a while, though.”
    Harsha: (in the ever so innocent yet sturdy manner he speaks) “But I never took my shirt off.”
    (a conversation in the commentary box)

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